Learning by Copying

I agree with the author, a repository of great instructional design works should be available. However, I feel that the designer must create his/her own form of the design, not reproduce it as it is based on the need in the classroom.


Jazz band Mostly Other People Do the Killing created an interesting controversy in jazz circles recently; they released a cover of the classic Miles Davis record Kind of Blue. The controversy here is that that didn’t so much interpret it as they slavishly reproduced it note for note, right down to the late 50s tape hiss!

This album has generated lots of discussion. One negative opinion I’ve heard expressed a couple of times is that the album–which, again, is very hard to distinguish from the original–doesn’t “swing.” My first reaction to this view was dismissive (if it sounds the same how could it be said to swing less?), but it is certainly true that experts experience the world differently than the rest of us, at least as it relates to phenomena within their area of expertise, so there could well be something to it.

What a fantastic opportunity…

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